My Services

My aim when working with spirit is to pass on information from your love ones in the spirit world, and to provide some comfort in providing evidence of the continuing existence of life ​after death.

For me, being able to forge a connection with the spirit world is such a privilege.

A personal consultation in my home normally takes a minimum of  30 minutes and is done on a 1 to 1 basis. Family members are welcome to sit together. Each Sitting contains both Psychic and Spirit Communication and cost £35.

Home visits can also be arranged please ask for more information.



By agreeing to receive the services offered on this site you agree for yourself that any and all information given is subject to your own interpretation. Information given during the sitting should never be used as a substitute for any professional medical, financial, or legal counseling you would ordinarily seek for advice.

All services will be conducted solely upon the discretion of Neil Burrows
(The Psychic Embalmer®) and maintains the right to refuse or discontinue services to any individual at any time for any reason .

The Psychic Embalmer is a registered Trademark

Neil Burrows M.B.I.E      Spirit Medium

​​The Psychic Embalmer