Neil Burrows M.B.I.E      Spirit Medium


​​The Psychic Embalmer

                                                                                      Jigsaw   2nd May 2016

You seek so many answers , answers are the memories that already form you . For the information you look for dwells within you. Not all the information you want is available to you at this time.As with all knowledge it needs to be absorbed in stages so as to hold an understanding of all aspects of what is the bigger picture. Look inwards and you will see all things . Everything you see through your eyes you believe to be outside of you, from the very depths of space to the very closest and private thoughts all are contained within yourself , the eternal self .The progress you have made in what you see as a short time is only the beginning of you remembering how to access this knowledge that you are.

Be patient as you experiment with the connection you have forged with your own spirit. In time you shall remember how you have achieved this before and these past achievements will come forward once again to remind you of the progress already made . You must trust in the information you seek and believe in the thoughts and memories you are shown . I like yourself can see the changes you have made and in this progress I am pleased for you . But as I have said to you, before you can build this picture you must first understand the pieces of the puzzle you already hold, by understanding where each piece goes slowly you can see what pieces are missing . We understand your drive and desire to work quickly and it is your enthusiasm that helps in the connection we have with you whilst in your physical form. At times you have felt like you are getting nowhere or progress is slow and we feel the frustration you have found in yourself. We fully understand this within you but also we understand the foundations are need to be strong from the beginning so there is never a need to have to go back to fix.

See your evolvement or development as a jigsaw , let the foundation be the frame or sides of the picture , we have seen as a child how you understood how to build such pictures. Now collect similar pieces to build the trees, the sky or the house by working in sections we can slowly see what the finished picture will look like and we are aware unlike the pictures you completed as a child this one doesn't have the lid to help. You must trust in your thoughts and don't over analyze them too much for this bond we have we have never been without, for you this is a new gift or tool you are trying to master, when in reality you know nothing else. Our thoughts blend and become one so we can share in you and your experiences you are undertaking on this earth plane.

Believe in yourself and trust in your ability to interact with other groups in spirit and also the loved ones of spirit , this gift  is not new for you and you should  see how effortlessly you blend. Be confident and believe in yourself. You are making excellent progress and we are all proud to be able to be part of you, as you are part of us. We enjoy the use of the pen and hope to return to this method again soon.

It is with our love , thank you