​​The Psychic Embalmer

Inspired writing   18th July 2016 


The Present, the present time now is merely a gap the slot to record the event to carry forward when this time has passed. The said event becomes a memory therefore your life becomes a record of events and rather like keeping a diary your soul keeps its records of this life in a conscious form . Unlike diaries that can be kept locked away , your memories may be accessed and relived in thought . Some of our memories are of fond times and experiences others are not. Some we would rather forget as these fill us with a sense of shame and sorrow , these difficult thoughts or memories are just as important as our fond experiences as with all our memories they all carry in one way or another an experience we have learned from .We should value our mistakes as lessons learnt, it is within these experiences that we make good ground to progress in our evolvement of self .

Sometimes we can choose to live in those thoughts replaying them over and over and eventually by trying to control past experiences we can also change or manipulate the feeling we had from it. We must understand that all things we experience will be recorded for future progression , some good and as you are aware some not. Whether we enjoy the memories or not they are part of this experience to carry forward.

They where never meant to be a punishment or to serve as a punishment on one's self . Live in the now looking forward to what lies ahead. Change the train of thought to be positive and remember how you got here. Acknowledge the past as that what it is, the recording so far. Live for today , for every moment , as this time is for living . There will always be time to go back and view your experiences and together we can build from them. We share them because they are us . Lead with a positive foot at all times and you will start to see how different things will look.

Enjoy each moment and believe in yourself as we believe in you , we are always around you and we are here to help you in your development not just in spirit but your physical development , who you are and what you represent. You are to use your connection to the spirit world for the sake of others you are an important part of the chain in the communication of others .You have chosen this time to work from the physical aspect of yourself, you are the physical link for the spirit to touch and speak to others in your physical world. From our point of viewing the spirit form you are the most important piece of the work we do because others need to see this doorway you are , with their eyes . We understand the difficulties your role brings for you but we both know you can overcome this , hence the job you do for us .There are others like yourself who work with us on the physical side but remember you are a unique individual and don't think you have to become like others as this will set you seeking false goals and patterns . We are aware of your concerns for your mediumship and by working with you as self we can illuminate the fears you create. Trust , trust in you as you trust in me. I stand with you always by your side as we have done this for many lifetimes. You wanted to experience life from what is now your side and as we discussed accept  the help given from our team, for we are one .

Thank you for giving your time not only today but all your time . use your meditation to help with your confidence in building that bridge that will one day be your way home.

( this transcript has not been altered or corrected from its original source )



Neil Burrows M.B.I.E      Spirit Medium