​​​Hi My Name is Neil

Welcome to my website "The Psychic Embalmer" Here you can read about the  Services  I offer and the work I do with spirit.

​ I am an Evidential Medium, as  an evidential medium my aim is always to provide you with evidence that I am truly connecting with your love one in the spirit world. This evidence can include but is certainly not limited to Physical  ailments , favorite phrases, personality traits , names ,places and personal memories .

When I connect to your love ones in the  spirit world  my aim is simple, to provide you with proof that life is  truly eternal.  I hope the Information provided answers any questions you may have on the Mediumship I offer .  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, arrange a consultation or would just like more information .

​​​I have been working as an Embalmer for over 20 years. I am a fully qualified registered member of the British Institute of Embalmers (B.I.E). For me embalming is a privilege, as embalmers we are trusted to take care of our departed loved ones. I have always enjoyed this role, a role which has been preformed for over 6000 years.
I am married to my lovely wife Julie and we have our son Andrew .

I have been aware of the spirit world since my childhood. Being aware of spirit is also an awareness of ones own self. At the time of my childhood experiences, I didn't really understand the experiences where coming from spirit and put them down to my own imagination and ability to dream and daydream. After several visits from my guides in my adult life, I felt they were nudging me, reminding me to reconnect and to continue in the development of my true abilities.

I have been working with my guides and helpers to develop my mediumship and this development is always progressing  and I now understand that these lessons will last more than this one lifetime. I aim to add more pages to the site sharing my views and experiences with the spirit world in the near future.

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Neil Burrows M.B.I.E      Spirit Medium


​​The Psychic Embalmer